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Ryan Scott Thomas headshot by Jordan Matter

Ryan Scott Thomas is a New York based actor with over 15 years of acting experience and 22 years of police experience. Most recently he was able to use both in a recurring role on David Simon's latest HBO show We Own This City. He is honored to be part of this wonderful project, and to shed light on an important story.


Ryan has spent much of his life exploring his passions and whatever interested him. He’s also been a writer, teacher, coach, and father, and even for a short time tried his hand at professional wrestling, but at his core he has always known that he is an actor. Throughout his life he has always aimed to guide himself by his strong sense of empathy. He believes empathy is the single most important aspect of being both a good police officer and an actor.


Since moving to New York from his hometown of Baltimore he has worked on such television shows as The Flight Attendant, New Amsterdam, The Blacklist, and even had the honor of appearing in a scene with the great Al Pacino on the show Amazon show, Hunters. In addition he wrote and starred in a play inspired by his work with the community as a police officer.



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