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Ryan Scott Thomas

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Two Different Paths With One Goal

From his earliest memories all Ryan has ever wanted to do is be an actor. This dream never died despite taking on a career as a police officer. During that time Ryan developed his skills as an actor and a writer, pursuing acting in his time outside of work. After a full career of serving his community, Ryan retired from the police, and within weeks was living in New York studying acting from various teachers and taking the next steps in his new career. Since getting to New York Ryan has worked on Blue Bloods, New Amsterdam, The Blacklist, and had the honor of working with one of his heroes, Al Pacino, in a scene for Hunters. In early 2020 Ryan starred in a play he wrote, inspired by his time as a police officer and working with the community. These days Ryan is truly "living the dream" and uses his personal and professional experiences to inform his acting.


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I'm Back on Vox Populorum!

COPAGANDA II - GOING ROGUE! There's more to discuss, this time it's "Rogue Cops" in entertainment. Why do we like them? How does it affect the real world? How do we feel about cops breaking the rules being such a big part of the entertainment we love? Listen to me and some really smart people discuss! Also, subscribe to them and if you can, rate and write a review. 


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