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(Well... maybe not "whatever" but I'm open to suggestions.)

Starting this fresh, so if you're finding this and don't know me, Hi. I'm Ryan. I'm an actor and writer, living in New York. I'm a retired police officer (22 years in Baltimore County), and I have always loved to cook and share my food and recipes. This blog will be a mixture of all of that and almost certainly some other stuff that comes to mind.

Acting & Writing

I've been acting for over fifteen years, but it's truly the only thing I've ever really wanted to do since I was five and obsessed with Star Wars. Since I started pursuing it I have loved almost every moment. It ain't an easy path, but when you love it, it's so well worth it. I've been able to meet some of my heroes, and fulfill some of my dreams, but there are still many more to check off. There will be a whole post soon about my experience working on the new HBO show We Own This City by the same people that did The Wire. That was a dream job for me, for many reasons.

I started writing well before acting, figuring I would use that to get into acting. Yes, I was following the Sylvester Stallone ROCKY model before I had any idea what a screenplay was. This is evidenced in the photo below wherein I am taking up my first writing project. I believe I was "writing Dracula." Lucky me no one told Bram Stoker. Damn, look at me, not appreciating all that hair that I had.

Being a Cop

After a big disappointment trying to break into acting as a teenager (more to come in another post on that), and never finishing "Dracula" I had no idea how to get into acting, and hated school, so I wasn't interested in college. Then a family member that was a police officer told me, "If you start working for the police when you're eighteen, you can retire at thirty-eight." Even with the ignorance of youth at it's height, retiring in my 30s sounded great, and I figured I'd start acting part-time, and would probably get cast in a big movie and get to quit even earlier. That second part was that whole "ignorance of youth" kicking in.

So that's what I did. I never let it become who I was, and always made an effort to keep all of my "civilian" friends. So even though I was sort of "in the bubble" I didn't feel "part of the bubble." That gave me a very unique perspective into police work, life, and culture. And boy, do I have opinions and thoughts. I'll be using this blog and some youtube videos that I'll be sharing on here and my youtube channel to get into those thoughts, and where I see the problems lie, and what can (hopefully) be done to help them and the communities in this country. I know these issues can be very sensitive, and people have a lot of questions. I would love to know what kinds of questions people have that I may be able to address in a future post, but please feel free to message me on here and let me know what you would like to see me talk about.

Cooking and Other Stuff

Like I said, I've always loved to cook. So I may occasionally post a recipe or some cooking tips that I've learned along the way. I promise you will never have to read a novella to get to the recipe or tips. And I'm hoping to get some other content up on here as well. I'd like to do some short form (probably comedic) stuff with friends, or kitchen gadget videos, or reactions to music I don't know. That stuff is popular now, right? Totally open to (reasonable) suggestions.

Thanks for getting this far!

Seriously, thank you for reading all of that, especially if you don't even know me. I really want to keep this going and spread some fun, knowledge, experience and positivity. So please, after reading all of that if there is anything you would like me to write or vlog about hit me with a message and let me know!

The more interaction and subscribers I get the more I'll stay motivated to keep this going. So don't be shy! Subscribe, share and tell me what you want to see! Thank you again!

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Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green. Written by David Simon and George Pelecanos.
We Own This City with Jamie Hector.

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