• Ryan Thomas

We Audition Coaching and Reader Services

Need a reader for a self-tape audition? Just want to rehearse a scene or monologue? Looking for some coaching, feedback, or just a reader with no feedback? Hit me up on We Audition! Even if you don't go with me, this site is a great service and resource for actors in today's world.


I genuinely enjoy being a reader, and love helping people of all levels in this business. I’m happy to be a quick reader, or spend time rehearsing, breaking down, and exploring the material. I’ve also got decades of experience writing, and doing coverage on scripts, which is a big help in breaking down scenes.

And if you have scenes relating to police/crime stories, I have many years of experience to help you there.

If I don’t show online, please feel free to message me on Instagram @ryanscottthomas and, if possible, I will get right on.

Look for this image in the group of available readers, and you can see my reviews below. I look forward to helping you get those gigs!

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